Saturday, September 14, 2013

This fashion week was extra special for me as one of my talented friends debuted his collection for S/S 2014. It's only natural for you to believe in the ones closes to you and to want to see all of their dreams come true. So when it came time for Jerome to get his shine on I anticipated what was to come from such a true talent and well deserving person.


I bought this crop- top basketball  jersey a while back at local store in my neighborhood. Funny thing is, the store isn't much of a clothing store but more so one of your discount shops that sell a little bit of everything and some. 

Since it's right on 125th and St Nicholas, located in Harlem.  I passed by on one of my many jaunts to the train station. With a little extra time on my hand I decided to stop and browse through their outside clothing rack. My rule of the thumb is the more cluttered a rack is the more likely your going to find something GREAT.  It didn't take long before my motto came through. Who doesn't like a great crop-top especially one that represents a little bit of home.

I kept the rest of the look low key and casual by lacing my feet with classic converses and played up my accessories to give a girlish undertone.

The weathers been a bit back and forth in the city so I decided to keep my hair in a two strand twist as to avoid combating heat and humidity. Although, I did like the effortless lets play in the park  "look"  the entire ensemble envoked. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Designer Connection: Laina Rauma

I've been watching this hidden gem on Intagram over the last few months. Each day she strikes a pose in her own pieces and followers go crazy with "I Love" "Where can I buy" "OMG" , myself included.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Who Rocked The Look: Bis Un-Bout Shoe

 The Bis Un-Bout shoe is one hot mamma although the stiletto is definitely a a pocket dropper, a shoe like this will last in your closet forever and can be worn with absolutely anything. The first time we seen the current Louboutin favorite was on Rihanna and Alicia Keys at the Grammy awards, this time around we see the pump making it's way to the court side; where both Beyonce and La La Anthony rocked the neon color way.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Trend Connection: Strappy Sandals

I think we may have reached the crossroads in a our recent footwear chooses. Darling's in the past few  weeks have been trading their heels for sneakers and ditching the chunky platforms for dainty straps. It's nice to see ladies refer back to a more feminine look and embrace the phenomenal women within.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Designer Connection: Beyonce Etro Shirt

 While some celebs are on the Givenchy wave, I believe Beyonce found her new favorite brand Etro. I personally loooove Etro and although we barely made it to summer, I can't wait to see how the girls are going to wear there latest fall collection. Okay, I can  move on now from my fashion brand fan moment.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Trend Connection: 1960's Oval Shades

 Although the weather has been a guessing game over the past few weeks, one staple for sure is the 1960's inspired sunglasses. From the east cost to the west coast, from running errands to promo tours, fashion favorites have been seen adorning their faces with the 1960's oval shades.


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