Monday, April 2, 2012

Trend Connection: 1960's Oval Shades

 Although the weather has been a guessing game over the past few weeks, one staple for sure is the 1960's inspired sunglasses. From the east cost to the west coast, from running errands to promo tours, fashion favorites have been seen adorning their faces with the 1960's oval shades.

Nicole Richie has been showcasing this look for quite sometime. The budding designer even based her line of  sunglasses  "House of Harlow" on the era's signature esthetic.

Beyonce hasn't  switched out of her Linda Farrow for the Row frames since re-emerging as a new mother.

Just recently, Keri Hilson gave the Linda Farrow's a try  however, she opted for the white frames which complimented her color-blocked stretch shirt. I feel a circa  1990's with a modern eye and a touch of  urban sophistication. It's always nice when the "gals" give fashion chit chat worthy ensembles!

 A true fashion crusader Bai Ling was recently seen California having lunch with friends. Miss Bai has been "MIA" for a while yet she never fails to give us a  fashion moment. She polished off her look with a version of the sunglasses complimenting her sporty attire effortlessly.


 Rihanna, not one to be left behind when it comes to  fashion trends and setting the pace for admiring fashionistas. Stepped out during her promo run, in fierce pair of eye protectors. The gold framing on her glasses are gorgeous and the tint is just right for blocking flashing lights, yet still showcasing her beautiful eyes.

  Sunglasses are one thing I personally will not drop major dollars on. Unfortunately, I'm in the category of losing things that aren't constantly attached to me and sunglasses tend to be on the lost list quite often.

That's why stores such as Nasty is a great option for those that don't want to spend a lot of money, yet still would like to interpret the look on a budget friendly price point. For an even deeper discount in cost- but even deeper in quality are street vendors. You can often find the latest looks for the fraction of the cost, just don't be upset when it doesn't very last long.

So are you feeling the ode to 1960's shades, or will you be passing on this?

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