Saturday, September 14, 2013


I bought this crop- top basketball  jersey a while back at local store in my neighborhood. Funny thing is, the store isn't much of a clothing store but more so one of your discount shops that sell a little bit of everything and some. 

Since it's right on 125th and St Nicholas, located in Harlem.  I passed by on one of my many jaunts to the train station. With a little extra time on my hand I decided to stop and browse through their outside clothing rack. My rule of the thumb is the more cluttered a rack is the more likely your going to find something GREAT.  It didn't take long before my motto came through. Who doesn't like a great crop-top especially one that represents a little bit of home.

I kept the rest of the look low key and casual by lacing my feet with classic converses and played up my accessories to give a girlish undertone.

The weathers been a bit back and forth in the city so I decided to keep my hair in a two strand twist as to avoid combating heat and humidity. Although, I did like the effortless lets play in the park  "look"  the entire ensemble envoked. 

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