Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Designer Connection: Laina Rauma

I've been watching this hidden gem on Intagram over the last few months. Each day she strikes a pose in her own pieces and followers go crazy with "I Love" "Where can I buy" "OMG" , myself included.

With friends like Eva Marcille to model her pieces, 
it's hard not to fall in a lustful desire for Laina Rauma's line

 She really captures the women's body and is not afraid
 to let the shape and curves be the premiere focal point.

 I myself have sat on the fashion  fence, watching spandex 
clothing and bodycon apparel take over women's closets.

 Yet Laina makes me want to pack away my elder way of thinking, an strectch and pull my figure
 into any one of her "fly lady" looks.

If you are interested in purchasing one of her self designed pieces follow Laina on Instagram and keep up with newest releases. All items will then be made available to purchase on her website . FYI items go fast as there is limited quantity made.

So will you be fitted in a Laina Rauma design?

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