Friday, April 13, 2012

Trend Connection: Strappy Sandals

I think we may have reached the crossroads in a our recent footwear chooses. Darling's in the past few  weeks have been trading their heels for sneakers and ditching the chunky platforms for dainty straps. It's nice to see ladies refer back to a more feminine look and embrace the phenomenal women within.

  Yes it is true that ankle strap shoes stand out on a narrow foot but don't be discouraged...the key to accomplishing the look is a wider foot a wider strap. So let's look at a few style techniques for strapping it on this summer season!!

3/4 Length Hemlines 

The ankle strap already gives off the feeling of a being demure, sophisticated and confident. That's why when styling be aware of your hemline and how short you want to go.

Skirts are great because not only can you play with the length but you can also experiment with the cut of the fabric,prints and patterns.

A couple of tips you can remember is the higher the hemline the shorter the heel, 
the longer the hemline the higher the heel.
Want some options then check out our hem line Style Tip Looks below.

  •  Simple & Sweet

Simple & Sweet

  • Black Regalia
Black Regalia

High Slits

Let's all give ode to the great Jessica Rabbit as she will  forever  go down as the leggy leader of high-slits. I mean who would have thought a cartoon would have so much "sass a frass".

If your going to wear a killer heel then you might as well show it off !! A whole lot of leg never hurt no body, with the weather warming up slits also work well as portable air conditioning. Put your best leg out with Style Tip Looks below.

  • Primp Proper Comfortable   

  •  Sophisticated Spirit Child

If you haven't notice a pattern, then let's state it the key to wearing ankle strap heels is to show off the strap around the ankle. I like to think of it as a bracelet for your ankle that also happens to

be attached to your shoe. This is like a two for one deal for accessory geeks. To round out our Trend Connection we decided to put on some pants. If your not one for skirts and dresses then pants can also be worn with the look.

Skinny ankle pants and loose tops will give your "fit" a clean symmetrical finish while bright colors, texture and prints add a fun flare.  Also try mixing and matching your strap colors like Solange Knowles did for the opening of Ferragamo.

If you perfer wider pants then go all out like Laura Hutton, whatever your fancy have fun with our Style Tip Looks and strap it on!

  • Bright Light

  • Wide Leg Rider



  1. Strappy Sandals? Are you sure about this? If you can make a decision from the Ladies black leather Platform Shoes on and you will like them in your heart!

  2. The longer the skirt the lower the heel, (or the flatter the shoe), I saw most maxi skirt paired with flats looking great :), or better, the closer the hem to the waistline, the higher the heel, so that's correct, with a longer top it looks great. Especially if you balance it and cover your arms or minimize cleavage.
    Many here also do the error of painting their toenails leaving their fingernails blank.



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