Sunday, July 31, 2011

During the warmer season it’s always great to bring out the brighter colors. Although this heat has been quite stifling use the sun to your benefit and play it up . One color we have been seeing on the red carpet is blue. 

Although I’m suggesting this color I too have been skeptical with trying this bold pigmentation.

First up we have Tocarra, when working the red carpet at the BET awards she wore a teal blue on the lower eye-lid and added in a white shimmer underneath to balance out the look.

Pairing softer and bolder shadows together can be a safe alternative for those not ready to fully commitment.
Next up we have Teirra Marie, because she has almond shape eyes her makeup artist was smart to play up the inner corners. The beryl blue shadow has a fading effect turning into a light blue shimmer as it descends into the inner corner.

She also adds the shadow partially to the lower lid brightening up her eyes so she camera ready!!

 Kelly Rowland also took a note from Tocarra and Tierra. She wore a deep blue eye shadow on her lower eye-lid and the inner corner.


She topped of her look with a light pink shadow and liquid black eye-liner. I do wish the eye-liner was thinner as it makes her eye’s appear smaller.

Will you be trying this makeup trend?

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