Sunday, July 31, 2011

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend a white party. The event was set in a museum and hosted by the Alpha fraternity. Getting glam is always fun but sometimes stipulations cause fashion-frets. I did succeed in finding an appropriate outfit and headed out the door, looking forward to seeing what other white-party attendees came up with!!

I'm a sucker for a dramatic back. So immediately this sassy lady caught my eye. She purchased her dress from the online store lulu. I love how there is an open keyhole in the front, and the chest is draped giving a more dramatic effect. The dress actually comes with pockets too?!? Who says fashion isn't functional. All round this was one of my favorite looks. I do wish she would have opted for a see through shoe or one that had sparkle to as the black appear heavy for the dress.

This diva reminded me of  EVE. Okay it's the hair !! But she sure does know how to work the look.

Because of her complexion the Champagne Blonde pixie cut works well.

Ever since rocking natural hair I'm always on the look out for fellow curly girls. In my home city it's limited so when I see one I get the snapping.

My curly cutie friend kept it simple and chic by braiding the front side of her hair and letting the right side cascade over her face.

 A good friend of mine who is also quite talented in Pr and Marketing was in attendance Miss Marcia Perry !! It's always a joy to see Marcia because her makeup is always on point. She has beautiful eyes and knows how to play with color appropriate for her complexion.
Starting with the top and working your way to the bottom the whole look leaves me bedazzled. Can we say hello to her Jessica Simpson platform shoes !!

Not to leave the fellows behind I round out my style finds with Mr. Fitted. He is just to cute with black frame glasses a spars fitted hat, a white  button down, white trousers, and polo boating shoes.

Well that's it who is your favorite weekend "White Party" Style Find ???

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