Monday, July 4, 2011

This holiday weekend I had the opportunity to head to my home town's "Fourth of July" celebration. As with most festivals and street fairs; you are always bound to see some great side walk style!! 
So *snap snap* I went of a few festival goers who caught my style eye.

 I spotted this women while  listening to the Urban Gorilla Orchestra performance.. Her significant other is in the band so being on the road for festival's and staying fabulous has become and easy task!

Style File: Black Gap skirt bought years ago....(side-note: buy staple pieces),
Steve Madden shoes and Kenneth Cole accessories.

 Up next, I also spotted this young women at the same show she went for the prep with a flare look.

Style File:  Abercombie & Fitch baby blue button down shirt, Target cargo shorts, 
Joyce Leslie jewelry, and a Forever 21 belt.

  The Urban Guerrilla Orchestra definitely proved to be the spot for great fashion gasp moments. As I danced and spun from the melodies coming from the stage I turned around and spotted this PSU student. Hello!!!!

 Style File: I forgot to ask .....Will get an update ASAP!

 The next day I came down to the concert to catch the legendary Roy Ayers and Maraca a Afro-Cuban band. As I sourced the sidewalks for good food and fashion it didn't take long until one mission was accomplished.

I enjoyed how this young women wore a see thru lace shirt but kept it funky with color and curls.
Style File: Forever 21 lace shirt, JCPenny shorts, Forever 21 jewelry !!

Lastly is my favorite and a perfect way to wrap up our "Side Walk Style Find". 
I'm not one to wear colors or themes dedicated to the Holiday however this cutie did it justice.

From toes to nails she showcased her Independence !! 

Happy Fourth of July everyone. Hope you also enjoyed your holiday weekend !! 

Who was your favorite weekend Style Find?

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