Thursday, July 7, 2011

Angela Yee host of 105.1 morning radio show The Breakfast Club. Recently posed for PYNK magazine showing off what can be every girls biggest obsession...Shoes,Shoes and more Shoes!!!

The petite Brooklyn residing radio host stated that her shoe collection began even as a child but has definetley evolded over the years. She discusses some her favorite designers and how much her shoe game averages price wise.

How much is your shoe collection worth?
My whole entire collection? I could probably buy a house. I would say it’s probably worth about $70,000.

What is your most expensive shoe? Was it a gift or self-splurge?
No one ever really buys me shoes — I buy them myself. I think the most expensive pair I have are these thigh-high Louboutin boots. They were like $2,500.

Do you still get the rush that you got when you purchased your first pair of high-end shoes?
I get it more [now] than I did back then because I don’t think my taste was on point yet. When you’re younger, the stuff you like is gaudier. I’m a little more disciplined now.

What are some of your favorite shoe designers?
Of course, everyone likes Louboutin. I like Camilla Skovgaard. I also like YSL. I like Brian Atwood sometimes. I love Miu Miu shoes.

Which celeb’s shoe game do you respect the most?
Definitely LaLa. I like her a lot.

 Spied @ Bossip , PYNKMagazine

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