Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fashion Tip Breakdown: How To Wear Lingerie As Outwear

Reader Monique wrote: "I've been seeing on the red carpet what looks to be lingerie. I like the idea of getting multiple use out of my wardrobe...but I don't want people to think I just rolled out of bed. Any suggestions?"

Monique, we got you girl and have the perfect "model" for the tip breakdown. Throughout the year Jessica has been seen wearing sheer, lace and everything else that could constitute as a bed time look. While some options where cute and worked as evening wear, other choices not soooo much. So let's give the tip breakdown to avoid the dreaded what was she thinking look.

1. Do wear lingerie that resembles everyday wear.

The black romper with lace detail is delicate enough to be worn at home, but also a timeless

2.  Don't over-sexualize the outfit.

You may have the body to do it, but does that really mean you need to show it all. When your already going with risque, keep in mind there is a very fine line between sassy and Julia Roberts before she met her prince charming in Pretty Women.

3. Balance it out.

Longer hemlines and playing with illusion is a fun way to keep it lady like with a dash of sultriness. Always remember balance is best.

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