Tuesday, January 31, 2012

OutFit Ideas: How To Wear Fur

This past week the ladies have been fabulously draped in fur.  From grand openings, to running a few errands and even sitting court side at games. Although, spotted at different locales one thing has remained true, the fur is fo'sho. 

 In my opinion winter and a good fur coat, shaw, or wrap go hand and hand. So we over here have decided to compile a breakdown on how to wear fur and look good while doing it. *Clap Clap* let's get started !

First up we have the always glowing Selita E Banks. Selita showed up at the re-opening of Jay Z's 40/40 club in New York and gave us a moment even before hitting the red carpet. Ms. Banks opted to wear a nude floor length gown paired with Christian Loubiton heels, chandelier earrings and a mixed brown cropped fur coat with an exaggerated collar.

 What works for Ms. Banks attire is she kept the entire color palette consistent. A fur coat is already an attention grabber so drawing attention to other components to the outfit can lead to a "catastfurphe"When your unsure it's always safe to go with one color way. 
Brown is always a good choice to because it go with anything.

Moving right along we have the ever fashionable Kim Kardashian. Kim was recently see leaving a NY office probably closing another multi-million dollar deal for 2012 in short cropped Isable Marant fur coat. What makes Kim's fur choise unique is the texture. 

Playing with texture in clothing adds character to the outfit. Since her destination was casual she opted to wear boyfriend jeans and a pair of cute ankle booties. Texture is a great way to take it up  a notch in the fur department give it a try with the below options.

Lastly  we round it out with models off duty Jessica White and Irina Shayk. 
They were headed to the New York Knicks  game gving us street style glam. 
Both ladies headed out in a fur accented ensemble with knee high boots.

I like the fact they opted to go a different route with Jessica wearing a fur shaw and Irina wearing a fur trimmed leather coat. Check out some options below!!

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