Friday, December 2, 2011


There are certain items that will  be timeless and Mickey Mouse has VIP status on the list. The mascot of the happiest place on earth Disney Land, isn't just for the kiddies.

Rising artist Azealia Banks gives fashion-ode to the Disney World leader in her hit 212Ft Lazy Jay. Girls "just want" to feel cute and I think Azealia does a great job adding the innocence of child hood fun, with distressed jean shorts. 

Azealia's exact sweater seems to be sold out , but Ebay and sites like Etsy are the perfect places to find something similar.

Shortly after seeing the video I stopped in H&M for their Black Friday Holiday Sale and surprise there was Bambie' cousin on a cute cotton long sleeve sweater. I had to try my Fall rendition of the look, taking me back to my childhood days.

 Oh to be young.

 Check out the video !!!


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