Friday, September 2, 2011

This past week I recently relocated to Harlem, New York *uptown uptown*.  Knowing the history of Harlem and all the culture that came from this area I was excited to explore my new neighborhood. Of course though the first weekend in my hood was welcomed by a  tropical storm who goes by the name Irene. With all the warnings and evacuations I still decided to head out and explore alittle bit before hunkering down for the remainder of the weekend.

It didn't take long before I stumbled upon my first treasure an African shop selling the most ammmazzzing hand made beads and fine leather. The name suite it perfectly African Paradise !! Although the outside looked less then dazzling once you walked inside it truly was paradise.

 There were beads upon beads upon beads it's truly a testament to what people are capable of and the creativity of the human mind. I felt as if each bead had a story and were choosen carefully to convey the culture of the person making it.

Although the beaded necklaces caught my attention there were other items in the store representing the different aspects of the African continent. 

The store also boasted an amazing collection of carry bags, living in New York it's essential to have a good  bag because once you leave your most likely not going to return for a while. This black backpack was just one of the many fine leather pieces the store carried, though you wouldn't be able to pack everything and the kitchen sink because of  the delicacy of the leather.

I couldn't walk out with not purchasing anything I found these beautiful clip on earrings patiently waiting for me in the case.

I highly suggest checking out the store when your in Harlem it's located 327 Malcolm X Boulevard.

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